Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Helicopter

Q: What is the sequence for evaluating or purchasing a helicopter?

A: When you find a machine you like from the specifications, you should register your interest with us. We can provide further information on Director Operating Costs, components, history and future maintenance requirements. If this is all acceptable, you should visit to see and fly the aircraft and make an offer to purchase. This is 'Subject to Inspection'.

Q: You are the best in the business, why do I need to inspect your helicopters?
A: We insist upon an engineering inspection on all used machines we sell, even if, or especially if, we maintain them! We can put you in contact with an independent, experienced licensed engineer who will survey the aircraft, inspect the technical records and give advice on the condition to you
A good inspection takes about 2 days and the cost is expected to be in the sale negotiations.
Q: What happens next?

A: Any outstanding points from the inspection are negotiated and your offer to purchase becomes firm. Usually a deposit of 10% is required to secure the aircraft along with a signed Purchase Agreement. The aircraft is then removed from the market, any rectification carried out and, when ready, a final check test flight and inventory check is made, money and title change hands and you become the owner.

Q: What warranty do I get?

A: New aircraft obviously have a very comprehensive factory warranty, up to 3 years. Used aircraft normally do not have any warranty, which is why it is important to know the history, inspect the aircraft as thoroughly as possible and, of course, deal with a reputable company.

Q: What about After Sales Service?

A: Once you have purchased the machine that best satisfies your application; Heliquip is able to discuss various options that make the ownership of a helicopter easier or offer a full management agreement

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